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It’s a sequel that will keep you coming back for more, so you don’t want to miss the part 2.

It’s about a young man who left his children with their mother, became famous and left his responsibilities. However he suddenly started to lose all he had and now has to make a hard decision.

This love panel the MEN have something to say!

Join us Saturday November 14th @7pm on ZOOM, as the men share with us Love from a males perspective.

Topics will be…
o Love from a males perspective
o How men view God’s love in their own life
o Misconceptions about men and love
o Stereotypes: (men not being in the home, etc)
o Men loving their sons
o What does fatherhood mean to you
o Being single as a man
o What men look for in a woman
o Long distance love, does it work
o …and more!