Meet The Team

Bishop Dr. Jermaine McLaughlin

Overseer & Visionary

Bishop Dr. Jermaine McLaughlin serves as the spiritual leader of Power and Praise Deliverance Ministries. His life’s mission is dedicated to advancing the kingdom of God. From a very young age, he felt the unmistakable call of God on his life, igniting a passion for sharing the gospel.

Bishop Jermaine’s primary focus in ministry centers on teaching about the Kingdom of Heaven. He is not only a dynamic leader but also a worshiper whose heartfelt worship has left an indelible mark on those who follow his ministry. He remains committed to his mission of saving souls for the glory of God.

Among his notable achievements are receiving the Humanitarian Award and the Mayor’s Award. He also holds a Doctor of Divinity degree, degrees in Social Work and Psychology. Despite these accolades, Bishop Jermaine finds his greatest fulfillment in ministering to people. Countless lives have been touched and transformed through his ministry, and he has had the privilege of sharing his message in churches across the nation. Many attest to the life-changing experiences and prophetic words he imparts.

Bishop Jermaine is happily married to Lady Elect Christina, and together they are proud parents of Sahrye, Kierrah, and Zaria McLaughlin. Additionally, they have embraced three adopted sons as part of their loving family.

Lady Elect Christiana McLaughlin

First Lady

Christina McLaughlin , a remarkable individual, embodies a diverse array of roles and talents. She is an accomplished entrepreneur, a talented musician, a devout worshiper, and a dedicated marriage and youth counselor. Christina is also a loving mother to three biological daughters and three adopted children.

In her role as the supportive partner of Bishop Jermaine McLaughlin, she serves as his First Lady, consistently going above and beyond to ensure the success of both their ministry and family. Christina is wholeheartedly committed to spreading the gospel of God and holds a deep love for the Lord.

Her wisdom and understanding make her a trusted guide for those in need, particularly those facing personal challenges. Christina possesses a fervent desire to witness the healing and deliverance of God’s people, dedicating herself to fulfilling God’s plan with unwavering determination.

Beyond her spiritual calling, Christina is driven by the joy of assisting others, always seeking ways to share her powerful message of faith and love for the Lord. She is truly blessed with the insight and understanding to offer solace and guidance to those who are grieving, making a profound impact in their lives. Christina’s life’s purpose revolves around serving God and spreading His message of hope and healing.

Pastor Marcia Wynter

Host Pastor

Marcia Wynter serves as the Host Pastor and Women’s President at Power in Praises Deliverance Ministries. She is a gifted worshiper and eloquent speaker, deeply passionate about facilitating transformative change through the message of the cross and the truth of God’s word. Her fervor extends to prayer, evangelism, healing, and global deliverance.

In her formative years, Pastor Wynter faced adversity from her family, peers, and critics who urged her to abandon her faith in Jesus Christ. At the age of 26, she embarked on a heartfelt journey back to the Lord, driven by her profound love for Him and an unwavering desire to continue serving His mission. She strives to live in accordance with God‘s will at all times. Therefore, she finds it very rewarding when she helps to guide someone else towards their purpose.

At 28, she delivered her inaugural sermon while serving as the head usher at First Calvary Pentecostal. Her life has been a testimony to her close walk with God, and she instilled this devotion in her own children.

Pastor Wynter’s extensive ministry experiences have taken her across Canada, and she held a prominent role as the International Executive Operational Manager for Women of Excellence International Ministries.

She holds a diploma in Social Service Worker, Psychology and Counseling, as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Biblical Studies from Mount Olivet Bible Institute and Seminary, adding a strong educational foundation to her extensive ministry experience.

In 2018, she received her ordination as a pastor and subsequently founded the United Kingdom House of Worship, a dynamic ministry dedicated to aiding those who are wounded and spiritually lost. Guided by divine instruction, her ministry joined forces with Power in Praises Deliverance Ministries in 2018.