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There is still so much to talk about when it comes to Christianity, as biblical leaders and often there is not a safe space with which to have this discussion or have conversations, ask questions, self reflect, learn from others, and identify the next action step. Our nations have been re-awakened to the systemic Christianity Racism that exists. How do we start to value the difference in our modern believe?

As Christians/Leaders let’s meet at the conference in Canada to discuss about Christianity Racism, Race, Justice & Belonging in Christianity for a SAFE space for all colors, all race, and all ethnicities in which to grow ourselves in Christendom, congregations and in our community to create a more inclusive world.

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Saturday Morning Conference

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5 reviews for International Participants

  1. Pastor John O

    lets meet because i will be there

  2. Obi Donald Onyekachim

    I’m hopeful to attend

  3. Apostle Elisha Ankrah

    Very important notice.. Christianity must led the world into peace by meeting together to share one dream…

  4. Pastor Joseph Kambugu

    I can’t wait to attend.

  5. Nacquel Roberts

    I’m so excited to attend this conference!

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